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About Us

About Us


Rana Farayand Sanat Company,is established  based on the experience of managers, efficient experts with the goal of identifying  the innovations of food and raw materials, by obtaining exclusive representation of LB BULGARICUM, (Bulgaria) ‘ s products in context of species of starter culture for food industry (specially dairy industry ) in Iran.

Rana farayand sanaat ,As well as expanding its activities to the meat  and bakery industries as a representative of the  C & P company ( Germany), is distributing a variety of enzymes and raw materials for the food industry.

Rana Farayand , with its GMP certificate for all its products and  technical specialist team, is responsible for supplying and supporting the above products and formulations of various dairy products.



LB Bulgaricum PLC was founded in 1965 and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The variety of dairy products in Bulgaria has long been a common concern, and LB BULGARICUM, a company with more than  50 years of age, has a complete set comprising 900 species of protected bacteria and 100 kinds of starter culture in field of dairy products particularly all kinds of yogurt , cheese , probiotic products and also special starter culture of bread is one of the biggest and most professional manufacturers of starters in all over the word.





The C & P company is based in Germany &  is one of the world's largest producers of transglutaminase enzymes, raw materials and additives in the food industry (dairy, meat, chicken, fish, bakery ), and a diverse range of products throughout the world. With over 40 years of age, C & P  ,has focused on enzyme systems, increasing the shelf life and natural proteins of dairy products, bakery and meat, and has a worldwide reputation.

The technology has allowed  C&P  to develop special mixtures for Dairy, Meat, Fish, Bakery and other food industries. These mixtures improve the quality of food products through physical and chemical properties obtaining the desired viscosity, density, uniformity, and texture among other properties, which characterize a food product.



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